A number of luxurious facilities and services offered by Villa Uluwatu

Villa Uluwatu

If you visit Bali, choosing luxury accommodation can be an unforgettable experience. Especially if the inn is a high-class villa in a very charming area. One of the villas you can choose from is The Surga which is located in Uluwatu. This inn is one of the many villas in Uluwatu that has complete and quality facilities plus services, here is a brief review.

Here Are Some Of The Many Facilities And Services In Villa Uluwatu The Surga.

  1. Varied Delicious Culinary Services

You want a vegetarian menu, local, foreign, or special food? The Surga provides complete and varied culinary services. You can choose food according to your taste, ranging from local, international cuisine, children’s food, or a healthy menu. At certain events, you can also ask for the service of a personal chef who is ready to create your favorite types of dishes. If you want to try another menu, you can go to the nearest beach club.

  1. Indoor And Outdoor Sports Area

Sports facilities are a definite main component of many inns. But what makes Uluwatu villas famous is the luxury of these facilities. You can find facilities in the form of swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), private pools with music and additional media facilities, tennis courts, and basketball courts. There is even a large courtyard suitable for yoga and relaxing at leisure.

  1. Building that blends traditional and modern styles

Talking about facilities, it certainly can’t be far from the inn building itself. In this case, The Surga adopts a building with a style that combines traditional and modern aspects. The joglo or Balinese style building design is the main attraction. Coupled with a combination of tropical building designs, wooden furniture, wood carvings, pottery, wicker, Balinese stone art, to gardens and green yards.

  1. Complete Luxury Spa Services

Bali is known for its relaxing and relaxing massages. Villa Uluwatu The Surga provides a comprehensive Spa service that you can use. You can experience various types of massage, from traditional Balinese, Thai, Chinese, or Japanese massages. Not only that, you can do spa services such as manicures, pedicures, scrubs, and facials. Everything is available and you can get at The Surga.


There is nothing wrong with spending time and enjoying the luxury of Villa The Surga. You will be presented with a range of classy facilities and professional services. You can enjoy sports, relaxation activities, and even enjoy the entertainment facilities available in this villa. Whether for recreation, just for a place to rest, or to hold events, surely the time you spend while staying at this villa will not be forgotten.

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